Empedrado (Paella with beans)

300 g rice
200 grams of white beans
1 bunch of spring onions
2 dried red peppers
1 tomato
Olive oil
(add some salty codfish is optional)

Soak the beans the night before. The next day the beans are put to boil in a pot with bay leaf.

Lightly fry peppers and garlic in a pan, set aside when the are ready.

Sautee the tomatoes, add the rice and fry well. Then add pepper and fried garlic, parsley, salt, paprika, saffron and 3 parts water to one part rice. (You can add some codfish pieces if you wish now)

Finally, when it starts to boil, add the beans, leaving the fire about 20 minutes. Try until rice is well cooked.

Let stand about 5 minutes.

Make it spicy adding by using 2-3 dried spicy red peppers