Ensaladilla rusa (Russian Salad)

½ Kg of potatoes
2 eggs
2 cans of tuna (Vegetarians could use roasted red peppers instead)
stuffed or pitted olives
250 gr pickles, carrots & cauliflower or onions (all in vinegar)

Put the potatoes and eggs to cook in a saucepan with water and salt.

Remove eggs is to boiled. Check the potatoes and remove from heat when they are tender.

Once cooked leave chill and peel. Put in a bowl and go breaking them with a fork until they are all broken into small pieces.

Keep adding eggs, tuna or roasted red peppers, stuffed olives, pickles, carrots, etc All cutted into very small pieces. Finally add the mayonnaise.

Refrigerate until ready to serve. It can be served with bread sticks, anchoves or prawns.

Tips_ In Murcia it is served and called "marinera"

Make your ensaladilla a bit spicy adding some spicy olive oil on top