Olla Gitana (Gypsy Pot)

1/4 kg of chickpeas
1/2 kg of potatoes
1/4 kg of green beans
1/4 pumpkin
1 ripe tomato
1 small onion
Olive oil
 water & salt
saffron and mint

If the beans we used are dry soak them the previous night, if you use preserved beans they will be ready for cooking at any time. In a pot of water empty chickpeas and chopped green beans. Leave them cook for about 45 minutes.

After this cooking add chopped potatoes and pumpkin. We could do without the potato but then the stock would not be so thick.

In a prepared pan chopped onion and tomato will be fried. When ready gold you can add a teaspoon of paprika. Prepared this sauce is added to the pot where the other elements have been cooked. You can add now some saffron and a little dried mint.

Boil it all until all element get baked. Turn off the heat and leave to rest the stew a few minutes, and you're ready to serve.

Tips: To this gypsy pot you can add pears also, peeled, while potatoes are added. It is also a tasty way of cooking our gypsy pot used mostly in the south of Spain.

Some paprika already on it, but if you like more spicy add some cayenne or chilli flakes on top.