Pisto de verduras (Vegetables ratatouille)


2-3 K. ripe tomatoes
2 large eggplants
2 green / red peppers
4 eggs
Olive oil

The eggplant should be washed and cut into cubes first. Be placed in a dish with 2 spoons of salt and water for at least an hour, so you lose the bitterness that this vegetable usually has.

Wash, peel and chop the tomatoes into small pieces, and peppers into strips to prepare fried.

In a pan with olive oil fry the eggplant. It is a vegetable that needs to be cooked longer. Once is fried remove from heat and put aside. Then fry the pepper, which will be also removed after cooking. Then add into the pan the chopped tomatoes and fry them slowly. 

Once the tomatoes are fried, you add peppers and the eggplant and let it simmer a few minutes to blend the flavors.

Finally adding eggs, that will be mixed and simmered with whole fried.  Gradually it will be giving the pisto a characteristic orange color, and the dish is already over.

 Using spicy green or red peppers you will get a tasty Pisto :D