Horchata de Chufa Valenciana (Valencia Tigernut Horchata)

250g tigernuts
1L water
100g sugar (or up to 150g)
a small piece of lemon rind
a small piece of cinnamon bark
extra water to hydrate the tigernuts

Hydrate the tigernuts with water overnight or up to two days, by covering them generously in cold water and keeping them in the fridge (otherwise they may ferment). If they are really dry and they need two days, change the water each day. They will swell up a bit. 

Then, place the tigernuts with the sugar, the lemon & cinnamon with about half the water and blend into a smooth liquidy paste. Add the rest of the water gradually. Then strain the liquid through a sieve fabric.

Leave in the fridge to cool. Put it in freezer at least 1 hour before serving. Remove until you get a melting snow mixture, not frozen. 

In Valencia horchata is served with fartons