Pisto Manchego

1 onion
3 green peppers
3 zucchinis
3 eggplants
A clove of garlic
A large can (29 oz. or so) of tomato puree
A touch of salt
A teaspoon of sugar
A little bit of olive oil
Some eggs

Chop the onions, green peppers, zucchinis, eggplants and garlic.  Take a large frying pan and cover the bottom with some of olive oil, then add your chopped onion and garlic.  Set the heat to low and let your onion and garlic cook away.

Meanwhile, take a large pot and add a little olive oil – just enough to slightly cover the bottom.  Add the chopped eggplant so that it’s on bottom (it takes a bit longer to cook), then the zucchini and green pepper.  Set the heat to low/medium-low and cover with a well-fitted top. This way the vegetables will be cooking themselves with the steam. Once they’ve cooked a bit, add some salt.

When the onions are ready, you add the tomato puree, salt and a teaspoon of sugar. (to avoid bitterness) Turn the heat to high so the sauce will start boiling.  

Once the vegetables from the pot are a bit mushy, you place them in a colander (in order to extract some of the water that they have sweat out)  Be sure to get out as much of the liquid as possible.  

Once done, place them back in the same pot and start adding the tomato sauce from the pan.  Mix up all the ingredients over low heat just to cook everything together for a few minutes.  Taste it and add more salt if needed.

The dish should be served with a fried eggs, or boild eggs, as you wish.  You can also break an egg on top of the Pisto Manchego while it is still on the pan, and let it cook. 

Tips_ Eat with astrong cheese, like manchego cheese.
Tips_ It taste great with quail eggs instead of chicken eggs.