San Fermin in Petersburg (Virginia): Encierros and tomatina with American style

In Virginia, USA, was held "The Great Bull Run" and "Tomato Royale", the American version of two Spanish fiestas: the running of the San Fermin and the Tomatina of Buñol.

About five hundred participants for each of the eight runs (4,000 in total) jumped out to a circuit albero straight of 500 meters. Everyone wanted to experience the thrill of running with the rodeo bulls. Some had them cut or filed down horns for safety.

An online initiative of The Great Bullrun promises more encierros. In 2013 are planned encierros with bulls and tomato parties in Atlanta (October 19) and Houston (December 7). In 2014 lead dates from February 1 in Florida in July 12 in Chicago. You can find more information on the web

Now open for pre-registrations for events that include imprisonment, Tomatina and full day of revelry and festival. Prices range from 50-120 dollars depending on if pointed as a runner, as a spectator, and other factors.