Sobaos pasiegos (Traditional muffins from Cantabria)

250 grams of flour
250 grams of butter
250 grams of sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon rum or anise liqueur
1 pinch of salt
zest of one lemon
3 teaspoons powdered yeast

(Traditional recipe from Cantabria, north of Spain)

Mix the yeast with the flour and put aside.

In a deep bowl place the butter lightly melted (room temperature). Add the sugar, lemon zest, a pinch of salt, lightly beaten eggs, rum or anise and flour already mixed with yeast. Knead everything with your hands until well blended and, if necessary, you can use a wooden fork to mix everything. 

Divide the resulting dough with a spoon in greaseproof paper, filling them halfway. Do like the picture or with a Sobaos pasiegos mold

Enter in a preheated oven at 180 º C for 15 minutes. When golden brown remove from oven, otherwise it could dry out.

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