Sopa de Melón (Melon Soup)

1 melon
100 ml of cooking cream
Serrano ham or bacon
50 ml olive oil
mint leaves

Cut the melon into wedges. Remove the skin and seeds, and chop it. Grind the melon in a blender and strain to obtain a creamy juice. Mix the cooking cream with the grind melon and add salt to taste. Leave to cool in the fridge. 
You can use the serrano ham or bacon without cooking if you prefer so. Otherwise, place a few slices of Serrano ham or bacon to dehydrate in the oven at about 150 ° C until dry. It will not burn, be careful. 

Meanwhile, grind the mint in the olive oil and reserve. Add some chillies to make it spicy if you like.

At the time of serving our melon soup add serrano ham chips and some mint oil.

Tips_ It can be served also like a nice tapas.