The best aphrodisiacs for men

* Clove 
Between its many properties, it is known That creates the sensation of heat. In India there is said that fights impotence. 

* Pollen 
This ingredient is highly energizing and increases sexual desire and libido. If a man consume pollen daily, it is said that, after a week, your body will produce more sperm count.

* Avocado 
Its aphrodisiac effect focuses on seeds. It is recommended to let them soften in milk and then eat them as it enhances virility. 

* Pumpkin 
Also the seed of this plant are containing the main ingredients which affect the libido and increase sexual desire. For men with prostate problems, it is said that the hormones in seeds (green part is best) can have a very good effect. 
* Onion 
This plant is recommended in cases of impotence and sexual weakness. Also, it is said that helps to maintain the erection.

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