ROMERIA DE EL ROCIO: Long tradition with their own recipes

The Pilgrimage of Romería de El Rocío, is a manifestation of popular Catholic religiosity Andalusian in honor of the Virgen del Rocío. The first reference a -Rocio virgin devotion in the area dates from XIV century, it is in a book of Alfonso XI. 

The Romería (known also as El Camino) is celebrated the weekend of Pentecost, on Sunday will be ending. The Virgin is in the Hermitage of El Rocio, Almonte is in the village with the same name, in the province of Huelva. Groups of people called Hermandad will be taking care of the organization. 

After traveling on foot, on horseback, in wagons or in carriages, even passing by the Doñana park, a huge crowd of devotees arrive to the gates of the Hermitage, where they perform what is popularly called "el salto de la reja". 

Then they bring out Rocio Virgin also called 'Blanca Paloma' in procession. She is carried on the shoulders of the village. The route is full of people singing old tradional songs, dancing tradionally, celebrating and praying. 

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