Happy 2015

Best wishes from Spain

In Spain we have the tradition of eating 12 Lucky grapes the last 12 seconds of the year. A vine growers from Murcia, Almeria & Alicante popularized this custom in 1909, however there are reports that date the tradition way back to the late 1800’s.
At that time rich people used to drink wine and eat grapes in New Year's Ever, so workers ridicule this tradition at the Puerta del Sol (Madrid) eating only 12 grapes.

At present we go outside the city hall or church, where big watches are located, and we eat 12 lucky grapes with each bell strike at midnight of December 31st. Try this year!! Does it seem easy to you? As the clock strikes 12 you´ll hear the 12 chimes (one every 3 - 4 seconds) then will be the time to start eating your grapes!  Try this year!!

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