Soaked almonds is a healthier option

The brown peel of an almonds contains tannin, and those will help us with nutrient absorption. If we soak the almonds, the peel will come off easily, allowing the nuts to release nutrients. 

Soaked almonds will release the enzyme lipase, that help us with digestion. Also the monounsaturated fats help us to feel full. For these 2 reasons help us to loose weight.

Another good reasons for eating soaked almonds are:
- They are a good source of antioxidants
- Resists free radical damage and prevents ageing. 
- Contain Vitamin B17 and folic acid (help us to fight cancer)

A traditional dessert / drink in Spain is called Horchata de Almendras. It is a great way of drinking soaked almonds. HORCHATA DE ALMENDRAS

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