5 reasons to use more olive oil (and none of those are to lose weight)

1. Reverse the metabolic syndrome
It is considered one of the vestibules of type 2 diabetes. According to experts, add nuts and olive oil in the diet decreases abdominal obesity and blood glucose levels.

2. Boost good cholesterol
Olive oil do have high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, so it has protective effects against diseases associated to oxidative stress (cancer, cardiovascular & neurodegenerative diseases) Recent reseach (EUROLIVE) discovered that olive oil contains polyphenols, which result in a higher level of HDL (Good cholesterol)

3. Prevents stomach problems
Olive oil forms a film around the stomach and is very useful to prevent ulcers. Extra virgin olive oil will help you healing ulcers as it contents liposoluble vitamins E and A.

4. Ally against breast cancer
Researchers at the University of Granada and Malaga have used olive oil to fight cancer cells growing in the breast.

5. Moisturize skin
It is one of the best known skin moisturizers. Although we should also add a high consumption of water.

Olive oil will moisturize the skin deeply, soften, protect from premature aging and aggressions from the sun.

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