Spanish traditions that will bring you luck

New Year's Eve is a magical night for Spanish people, as for many others around the globe. We have our own traditions that will help us to get our wishes for the next year. 

We start lighting a candel, this will help you making the new year prosperous and positive. You can light a:
- Green candle for good health
- Yellow will help your financial troubles. 
- Orange candles are providing wisdom.
- Blue candles will bring you peace. 
- Red will bring you love and passion. 

Burning the past

We are looking forward that new dreams and goals come to gladden the new year, but we need to make sure that all the bad stuff to stay away. 

Before midnight Spanish people will write what we'd like to forget from the previous  year. Then with a white candle flame we´ll burn the paper, so we watch our past troubles to go away. Once you've left the past in ashes, you'll be ready to take on the new year.

Right Foot

We like to start the new year with the right foot, literally. Make sure that your right foot is firmly planted on the ground during the bell tolls for good luck in the new year. 

12 New Months, 12 Wishes, 12 Grapes

In Spain & in other South American countries we eat 12 grapes at midnight. You have to eat 1 grape each time the bell tolls. Each grape will bring you luck for each month of the New Year.

We normally go to the city hall or church plazas with our friends and families. The most famous place in Spain is Plaza del Sol (Madrid). Every year all the spanish TV´s will show the bell tolls from there. 

Do you want to know where the tradition is coming from? Check out here.

Drink a lucky toast

If you also need financial luck in the new year, you just have to take a gold jewel (a ring for example) and drop it in the drink you plan on toasting with after the bell tolls.

Happy New Year!

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