June 16th_ International Tapas Day

In 2010 tapas were acknowledged internationally when UNESCO declared it as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Tapas are considered healthy food, also conservation of traditional and artisanal activities. Many different civilations were established in Spain for centuries, and tapas are just a bit of all those gastronomical years. 

Since 2011 few Spanish gastronimical associations are celebrating the International Tapas Day. Every year more and more countries are joining us. "Going for tapas" is our hallmark. Everywhere in Spain: big cities, small town, bars in from of the sea... you´ll find Tapas everywhere! 

If you are travelling around Spain these days, you´ll find all tapas route available these days.  www.diamundialdelatapa.es 

If you just feel like celebrating International Tapas Day at home, I´d like to help you with that. Check out some easy recipes and enjoy your meal!


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