Mejillones tigres (Mussels tigers)

1k mussels
1 medium onion
Water for boiling & salt
For the bechamel
Cooking water mussels
To coat in breadcrumbs
beaten egg
Soft olive oil

Despite having many ingredients is easy to prepare, the base will be a bechamel sauce made ​​just right thickness, but that's like everything in the kitchen: a matter of practice.

To begin wash well and boil the mussels with only 1 glass of water and bay leaves. We wash the mussels well scraping the shells until they were as smooth and clean as possible (keep in mind that will be the recipient of the tigers) and separate the meat mussel from the shell.

Peel the onion, cut into small cubes and fry on low heat with a little olive oil in a deep pan. Now we can add some chopped chillies and brown them along with onions. Add the meat from mussels cutted very tiny. 

Now we elaborate the bechamel. In the pan with all the ingredients ready add 2 tablespoons of flour and stir well. Now pour milk slowly, stirring constantly to prevent lumps and get a properly compacted dough. We add nutmeg and pepper to taste. We will have it ready when the dough comes away from the sides of the pan, let it cool.

With the cold bechamel (2 hours) fill the shells of mussels that we cleaned previously. With a spoon we fill the shells, and we coat in breadcrumbs and egg, pressing a bit to prevent us enclose the filling.

In a frying pan with hot olive oil we fry the tigers always trying to fall down filling.